The united NNT (2024) NIL ID conference is complemented with a strong technical exhibition throughout the program! Thanks to the great support of more than 30 exhibiting companies, the maximum capacities have been almost reached.

As in the past at NIL ID, this exhibition is an important addition to the technical lectures, to which sufficient time is dedicated in the program. This will generate further networking opportunities for all participants and exhibitors.

The NNT (2024) NIL ID exhibitors are as follows (in alphabetic order):

Addison Clear Wave Coatings, Inc., AMO GmbH, AUTEX, EV Group, GDNano, German Litho, Heidelberg Instruments, Heteromerge, HighRI Optics, Himax IGI, IMS Chips, Inkron, Joanneum Research, NDNANO, Nanoscribe, nanotypos, NILT, NTT AT, micro resist technology, Moldnano, Morphotonics, Myrias Optics, Obducat, Optool, pixelligent, Profactor, Raith, scia Systems, Scivax, SCIL, Stensborg, Teranova and ToyoGosei.

Exhibitor / sponsor package:

Booth size [sqm]: 2 x 1.5m

Booth infra structure:

1 x table

2 x chair

Space for 2 roll-ups

electricity (power socket + spotlight)


Exhibitor / sponsor advertisement:

Logo on conference website

Company Flyer etc. in the “welcome bag” (optional)

Company acknowledgement / advertisement as sponsor

on slides shown during breaks

on displays / banners on site

Welcome reception

Full-conference registration:  1 person ( with access to full conference, exhibition area, catering, and all social activities)


Please contact Lars Montelius for checking the possibilities of further exhibitor arrangements based on the limited capacities still available.