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You can find the download link for the abstract booklet, an overview of the program plus a list of all contributions here.

Abstract Booklet:

The download will be available soon here.

Program Overview:

MONDAY JUNE 24, 2024:

Starting at 14:00 registration will be open. At 16:00 there will be a tutorial session entitled “Nanoimprint and Applications – Everything you always wanted to know about nanoimprint (but were afraid to ask)” by Helmut Schift and Michael Mühlberger. It will cover a discussion of important NIL technologies as well as an overview of industrial application. Those of you who like to participate in this tutorial, please register directly by email to Helmut Schift (

At 18:00 there will be a pre-conference get-together at the conference site, with the opportunity to explore the city center of Lund on an individual basis afterwards. You can find information regarding public transportation in Lund here: how to get to the venue

TUESDAY JUNE 25, 2024:




Posters should be DIN A0 portrait mode in size. Posters will be on display during the whole conference. Two poster sessions are planned: Poster Session 1 on Tuesday evening and Poster Session 2 on Thursday  morning.

List of all contribution


Monday, June 24

time speaker title
14:00 registration opens
16:00 H. Schift, M. Mühlberger Tutorial: Nanoimprint and Applications – Everything you always wanted to know about nanoimprint *
(* but were afraid to ask)
18:00 pre-conference get-together



Tuesday, June 25

Time Talk Number Speaker Affiliation Title
09:00 Soft opening, registration, setting up of exhibition and posters coffee, light snacks
Company tour 1 (09:30 – 11:00)
11:30 Welcome and Opening
11:45 Anders Mikkelsen NanoLund, Lund University Bright future of nanotechnology in Lund
12:00 1.1 Ursula Palfinger Joanneum Seamless stitching by step&repeat UV imprint lithography for R2R and R2P tooling
12:20 1.2 Jin Choi Canon Nanotechnologies Inc. Nanoimprint Lithography: Market Spaces and Opportunities
12:40 1.3 Martin Eibelhuber EV Group Unlocking the potential of Nanoimprint Lithography for Manufacturing
13:00 1.4 Steven Chou Princeton University Fourier Nanoimprint Patterning for Generating Large-Area, Complex Nanostructures Without Direct-Write
13:20 BREAK 40 min, EXHIBITION
14:00 2.1 Jun Taniguchi Tokyo University of Science Fabrication of moth-eye-structured roll mold and application of moth-eye-structured film
14:20 2.2 Hubert Teyssedre Applied Materials Enabling High Performance Smart Glasses Using Nanoimprint Lithography
14:35 2.3 Jan Stensborg Stensborg A/S Roll-to-Roll nanoimprint lithography of disposable templates for difficult-to-process materials
14:50 2.4 Gang Luo Suzhou New Dimension Nano Technologies Development of a full ecological NIL industrial platform
15:05 2.5 Toralf Scharf Focuslight Focuslight Imprint Overview
15:20 BREAK 40 min, EXHIBITION
16:00 3.1 Mohammad Ramezani teranova Scatterometry with nanometer sensitivity for non-destructive quality inspection of gratings and thin films
16:15 3.2 Hans Hsiao Himax Technologies Himax WLO technologies and application introduction
16:30 3.3 Teck Lee “Jordan” Chee Moveon Development of a Novel 3D Inkjet Printing Technique for Embedded Ophthalmic Waveguides for AR & MR Related Applications
16:45 3.4 Theodor Nielsen NILT Metaoptics, Elements and Modules, Produced by Nanoimprint Lithography and Dry Etching
17:00 3.5 Matthew C. Traub IMEC Nanoimprint-Based Patterning of High-Index Dielectrics on 300 mm Transparent Substrates
17:15 – 18:45 POSTER SESSION 1, EXHIBITION, 1h 30min
Social event Tuesday



Wednesday, June 26

Time Talk Number Speaker Affiliation Title
09:00 4.1 Jost Göttert University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein How Machine Learning will revolutionize Nanoimprint Lithography
09:30 BREAK 15min
09:45 5.1 Jim Watkins University of Massachusetts Amherst Additive, full-wafer fabrication of all-inorganic metalenses, waveguides, diffractive optics and anti-reflection coatings via direct nanoimprint lithography
10:05 5.2 Chau Ha Addison Clear Wave Coatings High Refractive Index Imprint Resins for UV-NIL for Augmented Reality Optical Devices
10:20 5.3 Peter Guschl Pixelligent Large Process Window High-Refractive Index PixNIL® Formulations for Extended Reality Applications
10:35 5.4 Stephan Prinz DELO Highly reliable polymer resins for permanent imprint of micro-optical elements
10:50 5.5 Kazumi Yamauchi NTT UV imprintable high refractive index resins for optical elements
11:05 5.6 Keiko Munechika High RI optics Filler-less & NIL Compatible Ultra-High Refractive Index Optical Polymers for Photonic Applications
11:20 BREAK, EXHIBITION, 25min
11:45 6.1 Mirko Lohse MRT Remember the past and prepare the future: 25 years of NIL innovations and challenges in material development
12:00 6.2 Taigo Akasaki Toyo Gosei Durability evaluation of repeated imprint using working stamp: influence of productivity
12:15 6.3 Mikko Poutanen inkron High refractive index nanoimprint resins for inkjetting as enablers of new designs for diffractive waveguides
12:30 6.4 Mandy Göring scia Systems The Future of Augmented Reality: How Ion Beam Processing Improves Slanted Surface Relief Grating (SRG) Manufacturing
12:45 6.5 Danielle van der Heijden Morphotonics Advancing towards higher contrast, energy-efficient screens with advanced anti-glare manufacturing technology
13:00 6.6 Simon Drieschner SÜSS Advancing Inkjet Printing Technologies: Improving Residual Layer Uniformity for Imprinted AR Waveguides
14:30 7.1 Toshiki Ito Canon Inc., Semiconductor Production Equipment Group Defect Reduction in UV Nanoimprint Lithography
14:50 7.2 David Grosso Center for Interdisciplinary for Nanoscience of Marseille Soft-Nano-Imprint-Lithography for Tunable Optical Metasurfaces: From Passive to Active Photonic Components
15:05 7.3 Massimo Tormen Germanlitho Electronic structure of pulsed thermal NIL stamps
15:20 7.4 Mikhail Omelyanovich Dispelix Study of soft working stamp imprint repeatability in nanoimprint lithography replication process
15:35 7.5 Yoshihiko Hirai Osaka Metropolitan University Mold Release Mechanisms, from Fracture Mechanics to Molecular Dynamics
15:50 BREAK, EXHIBITION, 40min
16:30 8.1 Marc Verschuuren SCIL nanoimprint solutions Accurate front-to-back overlay aligned and directly imprinted slanted gratings using SCIL nanotechnology
16:45 8.2 Bríd Connolly Toppan Advanced 3D patterning for Nanoimprint Masters
17:00 8.3 Michael Haslinger Profactor Nanoimprint based transfer printing of daisy chain chips and integration trough inkjet wire bonding
17:15 8.4 Berke Erbas EPFL Grayscale nanoimprint lithography stamps patterned by thermal scanning probe-based patterning
17:30 BREAK, EXHIBITION, 30min
18:00 Roundtable
Panelists: Ramon Compaño (JRC), Babak Heidari (OpTool), Clivia Sotomayor Torres (INL), Jouni Ahopelto (VTT), Jonas Sundquist (Alix Labs), Irene Fernandez-Cuesta (Hamburg University), Dirk Bruggeman (private)
Title: Past, Present and Future of Nanoimprinting
Moderators: Gabi Grützner (microresist) and Lars Montelius (Lund University)
19:00 Conference banquet



Thursday, June 27

Time Talk Number Speaker Affiliation Title
09:00 9.1 Celestino Padeste PSI Fabrication of Polymer Support for Serial Protein Crystallography using Thermal Imprint Technologies
09:20 9.2 Irene Fernandez-Cuesta University Hamburg Nanoimprinted devices for biomedical applications
09:35 9.3 Kenji Fukuzawa Nagoya University Viscosity measurement of UV curable resist confined in nanometer gaps using vertical-objective-type ellipsometric microscopy
09:50 9.4 Yuyan Liu DTU Large Scale Replication of Micro-structured Polymeric Surfaces for Marine Bacterial Growth
10:05 9.5 Hyunsik Yoon Seoul National University of Science and Technology Fabrication of Robust Omniphobic Surfaces by Residue-Free Nanoimprint Lithography
11:30 10.1 L. Jay Guo University of Michigan Nanoimprint for photonics: waveguide, resonators and metasurfaces
11:50 10.2 Muzahir Ali Chung-Ang University Seoul, Korea Fabrication of Vitreous Carbon Mold for Precision Glass Molding of Wafer-Scale Optics
12:05 10.3 Nefeli Dimogerontaki University of Athens, NCSR Demokritos Enhanced Radiative cooling through transparent micro-structured polymer film fabricated by UV-Nanoimprint Lithography
12:20 10.4 Falk Eilenberger Fraunhofer IOF, Jena Scaling Micro- and Nanophotonics: to the Wafer-Level and Beyond
12:35 10.5 Steven Chou Princeton University Towards celebration of 30 years of nanoimprint lithography
14:00 Company tour 2 (14:00 – 15:30)


Poster Number Poster Title Presenter Affiliation
P01 Wetting properties of photocurable liquid films in nanogaps measured using a nanochannel device Shintaro Itoh Nagoya University
P02 Microstructuring by Fluid FM and NIL to create anti-fouling properties on blood-contacting devices Marcus Soter IBA Heiligenstadt
P03 Enhancing Nano Imprinting Lithography: An Examination of Step and Repeat Master Cleaning Procedures and Their Impact on Pattern Fidelity Achleitner Thomas EV Group
P04 Investigation of the Effect of Adhesion Promotors on Layer Formation and Process Stability for Inkjet Printing Johanna Rimböck EV Group
P05 Fabrication of Anti-icing Functional Surface on an Aluminium Substrate through a Metal Imprinting Process Using Laser Drilled Stainless Steel Mold Ju Wan Kim Chung-Ang University Seoul, Korea
P06 Glass Imprinted Negative Micro Pyramidal Structure using Vitreous Carbon Mold for Hydrophobic Functional Surface Su Yeon Seok Chung-Ang University Seoul, Korea
P07 Fabrication of Plasmonic Nanoantenna Array by Nanoimprinting and Physical Vapor Deposition for Enhanced Fluorescence Micro Array Biochip. Tasadduq Hussain Chung-Ang University, Seoul
P08 High aspect ratio structures in microfluidic channels by UV-nanoimprint lithography Anja Haase Joanneum
P09 Combining state-of-the-art nano- and microfabrication technologies for rapid prototyping of replication masters Jan Erjawetz Xrnanotech
P10 Nanostructuring flexible polyimide surfaces with nanoimprint lithography for biointerface applications Bharat Nowduri Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences
P11 Suppressive factors of liquid advancement at mold-substrate nano-gaps in UV nanoimprinting Masaru Nakagawa Tohoku University
P12 Fabrication of Metasurfaces with different materials using Nanoimprint Technology Wanjiao Zhang Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Study
P13 UV-Nanoimprinting to Modify 3D-Printed Ceramic Surfaces for Life Science Applications Sonja Kopp PROFACTOR GmbH
P14 The Influence of Surface Microstructures on the Interaction with Blood for the Use in a Left Ventricular Assist Device Sonja Kopp PROFACTOR GmbH
P15 Nanoimprinting of functional materials for life science applications Michael Mühlberger PROFACTOR GmbH
P16 Nanoimprint and Sustainability Helmut Schift PSI
P17 Room temperature imprinting followed by sintering of phosphate glass based microparticle inks towards glass microfluidic chip Muhammad Refatul Haq PSI
P18 Joint nanoimprint and injection molding expertise for micro- and nano-optics Juan Jiminez Sony DADC
P19 Fabrication and processing of transparent and flexible conductive electrodes for Smart Window applications Michael Haslinger PROFACTOR GmbH
P20 Inkjet Deposition of Refractive index Engineered Materials for Nanoimprinted Waveguides Michael Haslinger PROFACTOR GmbH
P21 Impact of NanoImprint process on Grayscale resist master for 3D patterning Api Warsono Univ. Grenoble Alpes, CEA, LETI
P22 NanoFrazor Technology: A New Grayscale Patterning Tool for Nanoimprint Lithography Fei Yang Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH
P23 High-Throughput and Reproducible Fabrication of Metasurfaces and SERS Platforms using UV-NIL and Bosch Deep Reactive Ion Etching Jesil Jose SINTEF