Speakers at the NILindustrialdy 2014

J.C. Cau, Innopsys – Magnetic field assisted micro contact printing: a new concept and its applications
J. Harming, EVG – Latest Tool Developments for the Growing Industrial Interests in NIL
F. Guillemot, Saint Gobain – Surface micro/nano-patterning for functional glazing in Saint-Gobain
R. Kirchner, PSI – Energy-based thermal reflow simulation for 3D pattern origination
J. Law, IMRE, a*star – Surface Micro/Nano- Topographies Engineered Polymers for Applications in Lifestyle and Biology
T. Nielsen, NILT – NIL enabled Injection Moulding Production Technology for Multi-functional Nano-structured Plastic Components
C. Peroz, aBeam technologies, molecular foundry – Nanoimprint Lithography for fabricating nanophotonic devices
H.C. Scheer, Univ. Wuppertal – Aspects of Cavity Filling with Nanoimprint
A. Schleunitz, micro resist technology – Hybrid materials for micro-optical applications
N. Kehagias, ICN Barcelona – Dimensional and defectivity metrology in NIL and NIL-related nanofabrication technologies
T. Tanaka, Asahi Kasei – Large Area Seamless Roller Mold using Fast EB Lithography for R2R Process
M. Thesen, micro resist technology – Materials for roll-to-roll nanoimprinting
F. Wippermann, Fraunhofer IOF – Fabrication of array masters for UV-replication of aspheric micro-lenses for imaging applications
I. Bergmair, Profactor