NILindustrialday 2014

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Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL)

… the technology

Large area nanostructuring is one of the main problems in nanotechnology. Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) provides a versatile and cost efficient solution to achieve ultra high quality, large area nanostructures. In all variants of NIL, a nanostructured stamp is brought into contact with the substrate, resulting in a pattern transfer. Well known variants of NIL are hot embossing, UV-based nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL) and micro- or nano-contact printing (µ-/n-CP).


… the project

The idea behind NILaustria is to advance NIL by using it for various applications in basic as well as applied research and also addressing bottlenecks. The use of NIL for different processes and purposes will improve its performance and its possi-bilities to find a large range of industrial uses. With nanotechnology on the brink of its full commercial impact NIL will be an essential tool to make its full potential available and NILaustria is ready to supply the necessary input.

The project cluster NILaustria is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, innovation and Technology within the Austrian Nanoinitiative. More information on the individual projects and the project consortium can be found here.
For companies interested in NIL and in NILaustria there is the possibility to join the Business interest group (BIG). Members of this group will be informed at first hand of the non-confidential results of the projects and can contribute their views and ideas. yearly meetings are organized where NILaustria members and members of the BIG exchange their ideas and views. The BIG meeting takes place at March 13 in the morning. To join the BIG please contact michael.mü

The NILindustrialday

… the event

In March 2013 the NILindustrialday was hosted by PROFACTOR, the coordinator of the NILaustria project cluster, as the succeeding event of NaPaNil Industrialday for the first time. Since the NILaustria projects will present their results in March 2014, PROFCATOR takes the opportunity and hosts the NILindustrialday 2014 again. The international symposium will start on Thursday, March 13, 2014 after lunch-time. The lectures will finish on Friday, March 14 after lunch. The scientific part will be followed by social activities (at Friday afternoon visit of voestalpine Stahlwelt in Linz and at Saturday, 15 March skiing in the mountains south of Linz). The program will provide ample opportunities to share ideas and discuss technical and process details related with NIL. Internationally recognized experts will discuss highlights and trends by oral presentations of the latest R&D results. The dialogue between R&D and industrial people will be stimulated through a small industrial exhibition and workhops for in depth discussions of relevant NIL issues as well as for initiation of further business cooperations.

The agenda covers all relevant facts, ranging from NIL materials, NIL equipment, all major imprint processes to business-relevant applications: The use of NIL in electronics industry is well known, however NIL is leaving academics and becoming commercially relevant in further business areas. We are presenting both, the state of research and possible commercial use of NIL e.g. in optics and life sciences.