Program – NILindustrialday 2018

In March 2018, the 8th edition of the NILindustrialday symposium will be held in Vienna, Austria (March 8-9, 2018).


Symposium Venue is:

Parkhotel Schoenbrunn

Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 10 – 16

1130 Vienna


Detailed Programm with Titles as pdf:




Day 1: March 08, 2018


11:30 Registration

12:30 Opening, Welcome

12:40 APPLICATIONS (Chair: Daniel Fechtig, PROFACTOR)

12:40 High Performance Microbatteriesand Biosensors via Nanoimprinting of 3-D Metal Oxide Electrodes

13:00 Metasurface Optical Solar Reflectors for Radiative Cooling of Spacecraft by Nanoimprint

13:20 High hardness and anti-fouling moth-eye structures made by UV-NIL

13:40 Safe by design bactericidal surfaces via nanoimprinting of surface nanocomposites

14:00 Networking & Exhibition

14:40 MASTERING I (Chair: Michael Hornung, AMO GmbH)

14:40 Fabrication of shallow hydrophobic surfaces using high-resolution grayscale lithography and soft-mold imprint

15:00 Towards industrial scaling of non-CMOS applications using 5keV multi-ebeam lithography

15:20 Electron Multi-Beam Mask Writing for leading-edge 193, EUV and NIL Masks

15:40 Networking & Exhibition

16:20 EQUIPMENT (Chair: Anja Haase, Joanneum Research)

16:20 High volume production of micro- and nanostructured glass sheets for display applications

16:40 Challenges and solutions for the industrial production of micro- and nanostructured films and rigid material

17:00 High fidelty replication of complex surface structures by SmartNIL

17:20 AutoSCIL; status update on tooling, materials and processes

17:40 Closing of Day 1

17:50 Walk to the Metro-Station “Hietzing”: Transport to the City Centre for Sightseeing Tours

18:30 Sightseeing Tours

  • Imperial Crypt
  • Stephansdom
  • Imperial Treasury

19:30 Dinner at restaurant Labstelle, Wollzeile 1, 1010 Vienna



Day 2: March 09, 2018


08:00 Networking & Exhibition

08:30 Opening, Welcome

  • Alexander Pogany, bmvit

08:45 PROCESSES and MATERIALS (Chair: Hubert Teyssedre – CEA LETI)

08:45 Step&Repeat UV-NIL for polymer shim fabrication and R2R imprinting of micro-optical structures

09:05 Nanoimprint replication of complex and undercut bioinspired nanostructures

09:20 A novel large area NIL concept for superior surface-patterned optics and automotive applications

09:40 Latest Highlights of Materials and Replication Processes for Industrial Micro-Optics Manufacture

10:00 Determination of the photo curing rate of light curable resins for use in R2R and R2P NIL applications

10:20 Networking & Exhibition

11:00 MASTERING II (Chair: Helmut Schift, Paul Scherrer Institute)

11:00 3D grayscale lithography with single nanometer accuracy using the NanoFrazor and its application for Nanoimprint mastering

11:20 3D Greytone Lithography Using E-Beam and Laser Direct Write for Master Making

11:40 Structural colour master stamp (fast and cheap, low-tech high-yield) from Morpho peleides butterfly wings

12:00 Lunch

13:20 APPLICATIONS II (Chair: Manuel Thesen, micro resist technology)

13:20 Smart Combination of Nanoimprint Lithography, Nickel Up-plating and Injection Molding for the Manufacturing of Superhydrophobic Plastic Lenses

13:40 High-Speed Roll-to-Roll Hot Embossing of Micrometer and Sub Micrometer Structures Using Seamless Direct Laser Interference Patterning treated Sleeves for the Fabrication of Advanced Security Elements

14:00 Nanoimprint lithography for advanced light trapping in photovoltaics

14:20 Closing