PROFACTOR is a private, applied research company with headquarters in Steyr and  Vienna which researches and developes industrial production technologies. Profactor acts as an interface between science and business. Since 1995 Profactor has demonstrated what can be created with applied production research. More than 400 customers in more than 1,240 projects have trusted Profactor so far – from small businesses to enterprises. PROFACTOR coordinates the NILaustria cluster since 2008.

Overall coordination
Functional surfaces and nanostructures
DI Dr. Michael Mühlberger
(NILaustria Cluster manager)
Im Stadtgut A2
A-4407 Steyr-Gleink
Tel. +43 (0)7252/885-253


micro resist technology develops and produces photoresists and materials for advanced lithography and nanoimprint lithography as well as hybrid polymers for micro-optical applications. The customer services range from lithographic patterning of customers’ substrates to the on-site introduction into production. micro resist technology’s products are mainly used in MEMS applications, in the semiconductor industry, in optoelectronics, in new data storage media, and in nanotechnology. Over 50 % of the turnover is achieved through exports. A world-wide network of distributors supports this.

micro resist technology GmbH
Koepenicker Str. 325
D-12555 Berlin