Conference Scope

The 2019 edition of the NILindustrialday will focus on four specific fields of application:

 Life Sciences
 Optics & Photonics
 3D Patterning and Mastering
Global NIL Perspective

All four fields offer promising opportunities to fully exploit the potential and the strengths of NIL on an industrial scale.

NIL offers cost-efficient nanopatterning of large area substrates, adding new functionality to existing commercial products. NILs unique ability to provide patterning on arbitrarily shaped surfaces allows for enhanced surface functionalities including oleophobicity or superhydrophobicity. In Life Science the option to use NIL for additive manufacturing and to utilize NIL resist materials as functional device components will not only result in new device concepts but also allow for a miniaturization of such devices as well as their cost-efficient and eco-friendly fabrication.

Presentations and informal discussions on NILindustrialday 2019 will provide its attendees with a clear understanding of the potential and global perspective of NIL in those four and other key fields defining the future of technology and society.

The international symposium will start on Thursday, March 28 at lunch-time. The lectures will finish on Friday, March 29 afternoon. The scientific part will be followed by networking activities as well as a sight-seeing tour in the city center of Aachen.