NNT 2024 & NIL Industrial Day – June 24-27, 2024, Lund, Sweden

NNT (2024) & NIL Industrial Day
– June 24-27, 2024, Lund, Sweden –

Nanoimprint lithography has developed from an academic pioneering research work to an industrial relevant and diverse fabrication technology within the last three decades resulting in an ever growing relevance in academia and industry.

Hence, we are very happy to announce that this year, 2024, we will welcome you to take part of an extraordinary, unique ground-breaking and first of its kind Nanoimprint technology event, namely the merge of the two most reputed conferences related to Nanoimprint and Nano-printing, the International NNT conference and the European NIL Industrial Day.

We are convinced that in 2024 we have a unique opportunity to foster a very strong world-wide NIL eco-system by combining both events and thus enhance the two conferences strong merits.


This merged conference will honor the remembrance of the world’s first international Nanoimprint workshop that was held in Lund 2000. That Lund NIL workshop, the first of its kind, was indeed the igniting step to the establishment of the international NNT conference series, celebrating the existence of 25 years in 2025. Further, it paved the ground for a series of EU supported European Projects within the NIL area, which in turn fostered the creation of a strong and large European-wide industrial eco-system, e.g. represented by the launch of the NIL Industrial Day out of the projects NaPa and NaPaNIL.

The merge of the NNT 2024, the 23rd International Conference on Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technologies, and the European NIL Industrial Day 2024, the 14th summit focusing on industrial applications of Nanoimprint Lithography, will surely become the world’s leading symposium on nanoimprint and nanoprint to come in 2024.

Hence, we are extremely happy to wish you a warm welcome to the combined NNT (2024) NIL ID conference, to be held June 24-27, 2024, at ”The Medicon Village”, Lund, Sweden.

More information will follow shortly!

Conference Chairs: Lars Montelius, LU & Arne Schleunitz, MRT
Program Chairs: Helmut Schift, PSI & Michael Mühlberger, PRO